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Central Vacuums

Why Install a Central Vacuum?

We carry all major brands of central vacuums. Your family will experience many benefits when you install a central vacuum system. These benefits include convenience, health, and financial benefits over time. Call us and let us help you decide which brand and system is right for you and your home. Installation is easier than you might imagine. The following sections contain a few details about these and other benefits of purchasing a central vacuum system.

Increase In Power

Central vacuums systems have more power because the motor and other power parts do not have to be carried around. This is why central vacuum systems pick up more of the dust and dirt particles that are deep inside the carpet. Central vacuums also pick up more microscopic particles like dust mites, pollen, and mold.


Convenience is another appeal of a central vacuum system. It’s so much easier to handle because of the lack of having to carry a heavy machine around your house to clean. All you carry is a lightweight hose and the vacuum head or attachment. That’s it! There is always a ready connection nearby because outlets are conveniently installed all around your house for connecting to the central vacuum system.

Air Quality

The power unit and motor of a central vacuum are installed in a garage or basement, far away from the living areas of your home. This is a huge benefit to the air quality in the house. Dust, pollen, and other harmful particles are removed from the home and not circulated back into the air by the vacuum cleaner.

Easy Installation

Installing a central vacuum is easier than it sounds, even if your home is already built. Your central vacuum will be up and running in a short time. Call us today to arrange for an estimate for your installation!

Allergy Relief

Allergy sufferers’ symptoms are relieved up to 61% by installing a central vacuum system, according to The University Of California, Davis School Of Medicine.

Quiet Cleaning

Central vacuums are very quiet because the motor and main power unit for the vacuum is installed far away. Resting family members can be left undisturbed as you clean the home around them!

Investing In Your Home

Installing a central vacuum system is a good investment in your home. It will add up to $1500 or more to your home depending on the real estate market in your area. The central vacuum, therefore, is a selling feature in your home should you need to put your house on the market in the future.

It’s A Smart Move

Most central vacuums are installed for less than purchasing a similar powered high end or name brand vacuum cleaning solution for our home. Because it is typically used for a longer time because of durability, the wisdom of investing in a central vacuum system is clear. Call or contact us today for a quote!

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